Wembley Magpies Baseball Club

Welcome to the photo site of the Wembley Magpies Baseball Club and Woodlands Wolves Softball Club. Junior and Senior team photos  from the current and past seasons can be accessed by clicking on the relevant  link in the menu  bar above. 

Photos and other photo products can be purchased via the Smugmug Photo site (this is run solely by the smugmug company and I receive no payment or commissions from smugmug). However I do have control over downloads, so if you wish to print your own photos (for personal use only),  these can  be downloaded for free from the different galleries - click on the downward pointing arrow on the bottom right of the screen.  (THE PHOTOS ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR PROMOTIONAL OR COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.) To view the slideshow of a particular gallery click on the right pointing arrow near  the green 'buy photos' tab.

The Junior folders are password protected. Parents please contact your team manager or Reed Morris who has the password.

My name is Damian Doyle and I have been a member of the Wembley club for the past 16 years. My son has been a player at Wembley for all of this time as well. If you wish to contact me about any of the photos or the site in general my email is dgdoyle5@gmail.com

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